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Nemesis to Go - 2011

Drop Dead Festival Berlin 2011 - review

" ... Our last band tonight actually is a band. I don't know much about Popoï Sdioh, least of all how you're supposed to pronounce that name. All I know is that all of a sudden there's a man wandering around the room, barking into a megaphone.

This is the band's intro, and a neat way of blurring the edges between the electropunks on the floor, and the band on the stage. Hey, conceptual! I like 'em already.

But then, all eyes front, please, because here come Popoï Sdioh themseves: a deceptively normal-looking bunch of scruffy rock guys who somehow create a screaming, battering racket, like first-album Killing Joke mixed with a chorus of air raid sirens. It's harsh, uncompromising stuff, but there's a solid rhythm behind everything, which means that even at their most brain-fryingly noisy, Popoï Sdioh always have a groove. You can dance to them, if you're brave.

Or just stand at a safe distance and watch the manic drummer as he comes out from behind his kit to take a lead vocal. "What do we want? What do we need? What do we get?" he screeches at us, as if his sanity depends on getting the right answer.

Popoï Sdioh end the evening on a suitably apocalyptic note. If the world is still here, we'll be back tomorrow for Drop Dead's final wrap-up.... "

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